Welcome to to my home (page).

Photo of meAin't the World Wide Web grand? Here you can post information about yourself that is of absolutely no interest to anybody. But in addition to that, I'm making available a few cool things. My Beatles Free As A Bird page is popular all over the world. If you're a Macintosh user, check out the useful resources I've supplied. If you love books and music, visit the Phase Shift Bookshelf.

I've lived in Chicago all of my life. Now celebrating 40 years on this planet, I live in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago's far north side. I make my living as an associate producer of several television newscasts, but am involved in two other professions: I am a web page designer, and an actor.

This is a new version of my home page, and a little sparse for now. If you'd like to check out my old stuff, you can.

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