International Monetary Fund

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization with 189 member countries. It employs approximately 3,500 staff, the majority of whom work at its headquarters in Washington, DC. The core work of the IMF includes analyzing economic and financial conditions in member countries and providing macroeconomic policy advice and technical assistance. Renovation of the executive floors was part of a whole-building renovation of their headquarters and included a formal board room, several high profile meeting rooms, and 40 director conference rooms.

No compromises were made on the boardroom AV system, featuring a 16’ x 9’ LED video wall, broadcast-grade networked video distribution, recording, seamless switching, and independently tunable ceiling and fill speakers. A state-of-the-art language interpretation system featured key card log in, voting and data logging, electronic name plates, and personal motorized displays at every seat at the table.

Fiber patching between conference rooms and the “AV Core” allowed remote operation, graphics processing, and interpretation “booth borrowing” to allow staff a wide flexibility in connection between rooms and systems.