Information Technology Industry Council

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) is the premier advocacy and policy organization for the world’s leading innovation companies.  ITI encourages all governments around the world – including the U.S. government – to develop policies, standards, and regulations that promote innovation and growth for the tech industry.

Located in Washington, DC, the goal of this office renovation was to give employees an easy and intuitive way to connect.  Conference rooms accommodating between 4-18 people were outfitted to use Zoom as the main way to collaborate, powered by a set of equipment that was carefully selected for performance.

A divisible training room is designed to accommodate a wide variety of events, including CSPAN press conferences, lectures, and panel discussions.  Designed with the goal of flexibility, the system allows operators to set up a console table in the rear or the room with access to any available AV feed.  When smaller meetings are desired, the default control system provides a simple operation mode so users can quickly start a meeting using the same Zoom interface available in other conference rooms.