Never has there been a greater focus on security than there is today.  Whether it’s securing people or places, today’s technology makes possible things not even imaginable a generation ago.  From biometric readers to chemical sensors to predictive analytics, security is no longer just about cameras and access control.  The internet and wireless technologies now seamlessly integrate systems with mobile devices – whether for remote monitoring or in place of a traditional proximity cards on premise.  Around the world, security systems in remote locations are now easily monitored and managed from a central security operations center.

We have broad experience across market sectors and understand that not all project types can be approached in the same manner.  While a government building may desire to make a strong and obvious statement about security, a hotel on the other hand, needs to be secure in a way that’s still inviting to guests.  We start with this baseline level of project experience and customize security systems for each unique project, based on location, facility type, client’s type of business, and their concept of operations.