National Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian-New York is located within the historic Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in downtown New York. The museum’s permanent and temporary exhibitions—as well as a range of public programs, including music and dance performances, films, and symposia—explore the diversity of the Native people of the Americas.

A new exhibition at the Museum, Native New York, will reveal that New York is and always was a Native Place by revealing hidden layers of New York’s Native past through stories of the real Native New Yorkers. Native New York explores the Native ground of New York City and state, revealing the cultural and historical geography of New York’s Native nations.

Phase Shift Consulting worked with the exhibit designer, C&G Partners, and with the Smithsonian to develop compelling multi-media elements that leverage innovative technologies while carefully integrating that technology and the supporting infrastructure into historic architecture. Fiber backbone cabling to decentralized switches allowed existing pathways to be reused to minimize the impact to the historic building. Custom engineered logic solutions provide visitors with tactile ways to interface with the multi-media programs.