Tony Warner Launches Phase Shift Consulting

Tony Warner, Founder and President of Phase Shift Consulting

Tony WarnerTony Warner Launches Phase Shift Consulting With a business model focused on agility and lean project delivery, Phase Shift Consulting recently launched in response to the changes in today’s marketplace. “As I surveyed the current landscape and trajectory of the industry, I was convinced there had to be a more agile and effective way technology consulting services could be delivered,” said Tony Warner, Phase Shift’s Founder/ President. “Layers of administrative bureaucracy in too many of today’s practices stifle innovation, hinder agility, compromise service, and create unnecessary costs with little value to the end user. Business models that may have worked a decade ago need to be reevaluated and reinvented to remain relevant.”

It’s that context that helped frame the company’s core values of service, quality, agility and innovation. With deep experience spanning nearly every market sector, the firm has expertise in all aspects of technology consulting for the built environment, including AV, IT, Security and the Internet of Things. “We believe technology should be designed and delivered in a seamless manner with the rest of a project, striking a fine balance between form and function. Developing exceptional solutions is a process that spans the entire life cycle of the project, from initial visioning through implementation.” The company is committed to a culture that energizes employees and cultivates innovation by promoting individual freedom and a healthy work/life balance.